Israeli Architecture: a new language that pay attention to the nature and the human being.

 CASA VOGUE ITALY April 2006, by Dana Avrish

 It is not simple to define the contemporary Israeli architecture, there are many reason. Certainly, the political situation plays important roles.

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San Pellegrino Water Company – Case Study – reinforced the company’s brand identity.

A key factor in my success is my ability to key my design strategy not only to esthetic and ergonomic considerations, but also to my clients’ brand identities understood within specific cultures and contexts.

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Nike International competition – branding development case study

I developed a product for Nike on the occasion of the Mondial games that drew upon fans’ enthusiasm for their football (soccer) teams, and fused that enthusiasm with the Nike brand. In each example, I applied careful research, cultural sensitivity and a sharp business sensibility to create a unique object that was tailored to its target market. Read the rest of this entry »

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T.V. Documentry Series about – Women Leaders – “Artemis”

                      “WOMEN LEADERS – Artemis” – Original Idea of Dana Avrish: “Women Leaders – Artemis” in this summery of Episode the Story of the number-one football player Silvi Jan by Dana Avrish.
Creating, Producing, Acting & Editing by Dana Avrish.

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my second time watching AVATAR…incredible design elements!!!


AMAZING how much these 3-dimension visual effects can switch you off from the real world and giving  a real opportunity to enter a fantasy great world.

I couldn’t be completely sceptical before seeing this master peace, well my Designer friend was highly recommend this movie…and yet, i was wondering what can be so different. Read the rest of this entry »

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